TCM Series

A non-invasive, preventive remedy for our body’s meridians whether you Inhale, apply, bathe in, have a meridian massage or even gua-sha (scraping).


Farnesol Magnolia

The protective power of Farnesol is scientifically proven and widely known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties in the prevention of lung cancer. It triggers apoptosis which is killing of cancerous cells. With 10x more than the normal content of Farneol, avita’s Farnesol Magnolia Herbal Essential Oil is a must-have in every household.

Suitable for use with ARÔME Diffuser.


Relieving stress and calming nerves

Hinoki Essential Oil

Nature’s original fragrance, Hinoki relieves stress, calms nerves and balances our body’s hormones, as well as purifies the air. It also forms part of avita’s TCM herbal essential oil therapy.
Suitable for use with ARÔME Diffuser.



Angelica Ardent

The ideal healthcare companion for the modern women, Angelica Ardent aims to enhance your blood circulation, mood and stamina as a woman.



Forsythia Detox

Forsythia, otherwise known to us as the orchid, can give your body a full detox while reducing acne and scars with its anti-inflammatory properties. When used for daily healthcare, it can greatly improve liver functions.



Huo Xiang

Besides having a regular diet and proper lifestyle habits, healthcare of the spleen and stomach must not be neglected as well.

Gentle meridian massage with Huo Xiang herbal essential oil can alleviate various digestive problems. It is a handy remedy which the modern generation can use at home to achieve healthcare and regulatory effects.




Enhance your masculinity and stamina that also aids in rekindling the romantic spark between couples, paving the way for blissful love.




Enjoy pure relaxation, thanks to a main herbal ingredient – valerian, recognised as a natural sleep inducing element. Valerian has been used for its emotionally-calming and spiritually-purifying properties. It has also been widely used to relax tensed muscles, relief stress and regulate sleep.



Vital Meridian Essence

Regulate your meridiens with wormwood, or moxa grass, and 20 other kinds of herbal essential oil. When used with other herbal essential oils, it allows the oils to work more quickly into the meridians and multiply their potency to recuperate your health.


ARÔME Diffuser by avita

ARÔME Diffuser by avita utilizes “Bernoulli’s Law of Hydrodynamics” with the concept of oscillating gas atomization to effectively vaporize pure essential oil into millions of micro-particles. These particles are released into the atmosphere under extreme speed, transforming them into highly-concentrated anions through friction with atmospheric particles improving and purifying air quality.



CELEVA Change My Health
With CELEVA, I saw improvements in weight, sleep and energy. Thank you avita for this positive change

I struggled with high cholesterol, weight gain, and a growing belly for years. After taking CELEVA by avita, I experienced increased bowel movements, reduced water retention, and lost inches off my waist. CELEVA isn’t a weight-loss product but helps reduce visceral fat. It also improved my sleep quality and energy levels. Thank you, avita!

Claire Tu, Singapore

Claire Tu, Singapore
NGF Boosted My Confidence and Memory
Thanks to NGF, I now sleep better, have an improved memory, and feel more self-assured in my daily life

I feel more confident of myself with NGF.

I feel very confident with NGF. I sleep really well and now my memory is better, I can remember where I put the things, last time, it usually takes me awhile to remember where I placed my things. I feel more confident of myself.

Madam Linda Pun, 87, Singapore

Madam Linda Pun, 87, Singapore
NGF Reformed My Eye Health and Energy Levels
NGF brought rapid relief to my chronic eye discomfort and boosted my energy, even on minimal sleep.

NGF resolved my long term body discomforts.

My eyes have suffered from a long-term condition whereby they ache constantly and tear up uncontrollably despite sleeping well the night before. On days when I have a lack of sleep, the condition will worsen.

After consuming NGF for only 1 day, my eyes condition improved by 88% and subsequently improved by 99% after 2 days where my eyes stopped tearing up and aching!

After consuming NGF, I feel more energetic. Despite having only 2 hours of sleep, I was able to focus and did not nod off during an entire day of training.

DP Alice Wong, Singapore

DP Alice Wong, Singapore
Celergen’s Remarkable Impact on My Health Journey
Celergen accelerated my recovery from congestive heart failure, allowing me to achieve my Life Time Achievement Award

In September 2015, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, rendering her bedridden and unable to walk. The anticipated recovery time was six months. However, Celergen changed the course of her health dramatically. She was discharged in less than a month and able to receive her Life Time Achievement Award as a Lawyer. Her health continued to improve and her doctor reduced her maintenance medicines from 10 to only 3.

Dr Diona Jacoba-Mabus & her mom Atty Olivia Jacoba, The Philippines

Dr Diona Jacoba-Mabus & her mom Atty Olivia Jacoba, The Philippines
Celergen: A Turning point in Our Fibromyalgia Journey
Celergen saved my wife’s life, easing pain, improving sleep, and boosting her physical strength

My wife, Olly, has been struggling with Fibromyalgia since 1998. She experienced chronic fatigue, constant body pain to the point where even climbing stairs was a challenge. She often had episodes of numbness in her legs, leaving her paralyzed and relying on steroids for recovery, which had many side effects.

For the past 15 years, she depended on Amitriptyline to aid her sleep and alleviate pain. In August, my wife started taking Celergen. In just three weeks, her sleep quality improved significantly. Her physical strength also improved. Her legs became stronger, enabling her to walk normally and even climb stairs. Her body pain disappeared. We decided to stop using Amitriptyline, and her excellent sleep quality remained unaffected.

We had previously attempted to stop this medication, but it had been unsuccessful. Now, she can finally enjoy normal sleep without relying on medication!

Olly & Angga, Indonesia

Olly & Angga, Indonesia
Lifebiotics+: A Game Changer for My Son's ADHD and Health
Lifebiotics+ transformed my son’s life – reliving constipation, improving appetitle, and supporting his journey with ADHD

My son is a nine-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

He is a young soccer player on the school team.

He had constipation issues, typically going without a bowel movement for about 4-5 days. He was taking medication for ADHD, which affected his appetite and made him thinner compared to classmates of the same age.

Because I heard about the benefits of Active Probiotics, I started giving it to my son. Within just two days, his constipation problem improved to the point where he had a bowel movement once a day, and sometimes even twice a day.

Now, not only has his bowel issue improved, but his appetite has also gotten better.

A satisfied customer, Singapore

A satisfied customer, Singapore
VITA-18: My Daily Boost of Natural Energy
Experience the refreshing, all-natural vitality of VITA-18, packed with nutrients from 48 fruits and vegetables. Boosts energy and mood!

Vita18 has been my favourite Enzyme drink since 2015. I love its fruity taste, very refreshing and it is all natural. Free from any artificial stuff and no extra sugar added! Each time after taking, it boosts my energy and also improve my mood which last me for the whole day. As I don’t usually take a lot of fruits and veges in my daily diet, by consuming just 1 packet of Vita18 I’m able to enjoy nutrients over 48 carefully selected fruits and veges. This is really a good deal and worth it’s value.

Besides, I also give it to my kids especially during their exam.They told me, after taking they felt more energetic and alert.They love it like I do!

Jenny Tan, Malaysia

Jenny Tan, Malaysia
Overcoming Breast Cancer with VITA-18
My journey of resilience and recovery during breast cancer treatment with VITA-18

Sometime in July 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was really shocking news to me as I had no family history nor did I have any high risk factors that increases the chances of getting cancer. I checked with Pauline and Josephine and was recommended to drink VITA-18 daily while on chemo treatment.

I immediately started to drink one bottle every morning after breakfast. In addition, I diffused Green Tea oil and applied Huo Xiang/Magnolia/Forsythia Detox on a daily basis.

I strongly feel that the VITA-18 has really helped me to cope with the harsh side effects of the very strong chemo treatment that I have to go through. I do not get the usual nauseous feelings and body aches that normally comes with the treatment. My body immune system seems to recover very quickly and at the most I get tired only after each treatment. I have also noticed that after drinking about 4 boxes of VITA-18, my skin feels very smooth. Friends of ours, both AVITA and non-AVITA have felt my skin and agreed that there was definitely an improvement.

Even during my regular check-ups, my chemo doctor has remarked that I look very good, considering the chemo treatment that I have to endure.

I wish to thank Pauline, Tony, Josephine and Professor for all the help and support they are giving while I fight this tough battle.

My best wishes to all. Never take your body for granted. Look after it.

Anna, Singapore

Anna, Singapore