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avita, Always Cherishing Life

avita’s mission of creating “a better life” has propelled us to strive in the development of world class products manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Through our keen understanding of consumer needs and adopting a personalized approach, we have developed and built a platform for our associates, optimizing wealth, health and prosperity. Over a period of 10 years, avita has overcome the ups and downs of the market economy with relentless tenacity and entrenched our position in the marketplace.

Aromatherapy marked the beginning of avita’s journey. Since our establishment in 2007, avita has remained true to the spirit of providing the finest TCM essential oils and French essential oils, as well as diffusers that are works of art. Since then, we have also expanded into nutritional therapy, skincare and healthcare, with products aimed at shaping a healthier and preventive lifestyle. By tirelessly promoting the Meridian 101 Workshops, a practical application of TCM essential oils, avita’s associates have extended the benefits of meridian healthcare throughout Singapore and beyond our shores, helping tens of thousands of people around the world work towards better health.

Over the past decade, avita has been committed to the continuous development of new, innovative products. In 2009, Celergen, a Swiss Cell Therapy nutritional supplement made from marine DNA was launched and people across all age groups have regained their youth and health through such treatment. In 2017, avita has expanded its anti-aging product range with NGF, Natural Growth Factors, made from premium bird nest extracts to help extend the quality of life.

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