Tinette Lucero

Diamond President

DP Tinette Lucero, is the driving force behind one of Asia’s largest distributors of the Premium Swiss Oral Cell Therapy Supplement, Celergen. Under her tutelage, she was able to expand its market to more than 500 downlines in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia, raking in sales of 12,000 boxes in less than four years. Once used mainly in conjunction with her husband’s regenerative medical procedures, the Celergen Lifestyle has become widely accepted by the now enlightened public thanks to the couple’s advocacy of helping others stay younger longer and achieve optimal health and well-being. And like a true poster girl for the supplement she markets, this lady shows no signs of slowing down despite her unforgiving schedule as dictated by the demands of other pivotal positions she holds in numerous business ventures. 


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