Sato Michiko

Diamond President

Hailing from the tranquil town of Daisen, in Akita Prefecture, Japan, Diamond President Sato Michiko began her path into avita’s business after starting up and managing a successful Hair Treatment Spa business over the course of several years. Through her Spa Centre, DP Michiko gained many loyal customers whose quality of life was improved via her strong dedication and passion in helping her customers. Joining the avita business was an easy decision for DP Michiko, as the companies philosophies and products are synergistic with what she believes in, with a keen focus on health and anti-aging benefits for the people around her. Building her avita business model in Japan around avita’s star product “Celergen Switzerland” and avita’s TCM Essential Oil, DP Sato Michiko attained 1st in avita’s Global Sales for the months of March – July 2018, at the same time achieving the prestigious position of Diamond President in August 2018.


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