Dr Florencio Q. Lucero

Diamond President

Widely acknowledged as an authority by his peers, Diamond President Dr Florencio Lucero is one of the longest practicing Filipino plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons today. Dedicating 32 years of service at the U.P. Philippine General Hospital, DP Dr Lucero held the position of Chief of Plastic Surgery for 17 years. He is also the Secretary General of Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (OSAPS), of which he is also a founding member. With his solid credentials, Dr. Lucero is highly sought after speaker in international conferences. His practice at FQL Clinic continuously seeks better and innovative methods in patient treatments. Learning the benefits and effectiveness of Celergen, DP Dr Lucero decided introduce the Swiss Cell Therapy supplement to his patients, combining cell therapy and plastic surgical techniques to restore people’s youthful appearance on the outside from within. 

Joining avita actively in 2015, DP Dr Lucero was a Special Speaker at avita’s Elite Forum, as well as a recipient of the Silver Elite Totem awards for his top achievements in avita. In 2018, Dr Lucero was awarded the position of Diamond President, through his hard work in his harmonious approach of promoting his advocacy for “Looking good from inside and out”.


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