Chong Pheng

Diamond President

Chong Pheng was a SAFscholar and served as an army officer for 23 years. But he always wanted to start his own business, so he opted for early retirement at 42 years old. After retiring from the army, there were many job offers, but he rejected them all. He figured that he had at least 30 years or more to build his business. As a self-taught businessman, he started many different businesses, but health and network business were never in consideration. From 2011 to 2014, after some personal losses in business, family and friends, he reached a cross-road whether to go back to corporate life or start over again. That’s when he met his long time friend, Alvin Yong, who introduced him to avita network business, and with proper guidance, mentorship and teamwork, he was able to build his network and achieved the rank of Diamond President in 2019.


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