QS Hair Rejuvenator

Hair Loss Prevention

Stimulates Quality Hair Growth

Ameliorates Dandruff Problems

Intense Scalp nourishment

Lustre hair, the silent expression of who you are

In modern day living, many people suffer from hair loss and scalp problems due to environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyle habits and excessive use of drugs and chemical treatments.
avita’s QS Hair Rejuvenator is the fusion of traditional wisdom and modern technology in hair care, focused on nourishing your hair and scalp, giving it a new breath of life.


Unleash Nature’s Healing Power

The secret to healthy and lustre hair lies in enhancing the qi and blood of the kidney meridian. Following a period of in-depth research, avita has managed to concoct the perfect hair rejuvenating formula that contains 100% natural herbal extract and is chemical free.


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