CELEVA Switzerland

Promotes healthy Cell Membrane
Keeps cellular membrane flexible, allowing nutrients to be easily absorbed by the cell and facilitate expulsion of waste products.

Replenishes Choline Levels in your body
Choline, a vital nutrient, aids many functions throughout our body.

Promotes healthy cholesterol balance and function
Supports the transportation of bad cholesterol, reducing chances of plaque build-up in our arteries.

Supports healthy liver functions
Helps in the creation of liver bile, essential in the breakdown of lipids in our body. Supports in the protection of our liver membrane integrity.

Introducing CELEVA, The latest innovation from Switzerland

Life in the modern world is not without consequence. With the food we consume, the air we breathe, the lifestyles we lead, each has an impact on our health. Obesity, Smoking, Alcohol consumption, bad dieting, consumption of medications and exposure to pollutants, could lead to the degradation of the liver and cognitive functions, increase in unhealthy cholesterol levels as well as cardiovascular complications in the long run. Further down the road, one may suffer from a stroke or a heart attack.

CELEVA is a state of the art proprietary dietary supplement encapsulated with Phosphocholine Complex ℗ that Promotes healthy cholesterol balance, Replenishes Choline Levels, Supports healthy liver functions, as well as Promotes healthy Cell Membrane in your body for a more vibrant and active you.


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