Botanique Shampoo

Voluminises hair

Removes impurities from deep within

Balances pH of scalp

Deep cleanses scalp

Increases hair moisture

Healthy tresses with the essence of nature

Pollution makes your hair dull, dry and lifeless. Infused with a nourishing blend of multi-plant complex from 7 botanicals* and active ingredients of the BioShield formula, this delicate yet effective formula gently cleanses your hair and scale to eliminate stubborn impurities and grime that come from living in the urban city. it is also specially formulated to preserve the balance of all hair types while giving your hair the hydration and volume it needs

*Rosemary, Chamomile, Green Tea, Licorice, Japanese Knotweed, Skullcap, Gotu Kola


BioShield Formula

BioShield Formula is a prebiotics that stimulates the growth of good bacteria and restricts the multiplication of bad bacteria on your skin. It protects and balances your scalp and hair’s ecosystem thus allowing healthier hair follicles to promote growth and strengthen hair roots. As a result, the possibility of hair loss is reduced.


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