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A Foundation for Success

Based in Singapore, avita’s enterprise has a global reach with local roots. Its rapid expansion has been made possible only with a comprehensive and effective management system, strong administrative team, highly efficient back-end support and compelling product developent and marketing strategy.

Global Market

Global reach, local presence
Avita has a comprehensive global business plan. Apart from establishing a solid corporate base in Singapore, avita and our distributors have ventured into lucrative overseas markets.

Training Structure

Road to achievement
Avita’s core education system is comprehensive, systematic and people-centric. Besides enhancing professional product knowledge and marketing expertise, we also train our distributors to become subject matter experts in sales solicitation techniques, the art of communication, customer relationship management, financial and business management.

• Product knowledge training
• Customer relationships, financial and business management training
• Sales techniques
• Communication strategies

Efficient and constant back-end support

  • Avita laboratories for our own R&D
  • Worldwide shipping to reach all our customers
  • Global warehousing
  • Global accounting and customer service
  • Monthly performance reports and bonuses
  • Online performance inquiry system (global synchronisation)
  • Latest news and trends alert through communications network

About Avita

At Avita, we strive to deliver innovative and premium healthcare products, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference and enhance the quality of life of people around us.

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Market Opportunities

Avita global enterprise is characterised by avita’s product research and development process is heavily influenced by environmental considerations.

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