CEO Vision

Ms Lee Xiang Yin

To CEO Ms Lee Xiang Yin, it’s about living the best life we can, and it all starts with having the healthiest quality of life possible, without destroying the world around us. More than a decade ago, Ms Lee articulated the vision that quality of life is the key driver of progress for individuals and organisations; by enhancing quality of life for men and women, we can help improve their performance of the organisations they serve.

Through introducing innovative healthcare products that are world renowned as well as specially developed, Ms Lee puts customers of avita at the forefront of her life’s mission. She believes that only when we are healthy that we can truly enjoy the moments that matter to us.

Since 2007 and under Ms Lee’s strong leadership and unparalleled vision, avita has now expanded its foothold across Asia with a strong network presence in 9 different countries.


Everyone to take ownership towards leading their best lives from the inside out, all while caring for the earth.


Promote, protect and improve the lifelong health of individuals and communities through sustainable, proven, innovative, preventive and anti-ageing supplements and therapies.

Where does happiness look like to you?

Family, quality me-time, freedom, being healthy, doing what you love? We want to help you get to that happiness destination. And the first step begins with you.

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